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  •   29 Jun 2017   Posted By Luther L.   84 Favs   0 Comments

    Crossing Snow and Ice on a Hiking Trip

    Snow and ice are as hazardous as fast flowing water. Mountain hikers encounter snow and ice all the time, even in summer, but they're most troublesome in late spring and early summer when they're extremely slippery.


    Since snow lingers in the same places every year, hiking trails generally avoid such obstacles.

  •   8 Jul 2017   Posted By Ivan V.   89 Favs   0 Comments

    Winter Jacket Styles - Shrink Your Old Jacket And Create A New Fashion

    Winter and fall seasons in the past may have let peacoats slip in but this time winds have changed. The hottest hit of the season is the shrunken jacket with a wide range of styles and designs. The cuts may remain the same as traditional jackets but the eye catching and jaw dropping addition to these trendy all time favorites is the length that makes them stand out.

  •   25 Jun 2017   Posted By Belinda A.   30 Favs   0 Comments

    Aito's 10 Top Ski Resorts

    Working for AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators for those who don't know) has some unusual benefits, the most exciting of these is the in depth specialist knowledge that our members can offer.